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These Are the Voyages...

It's been a long road time since I've posted in here. I'm afraid to look to see just how long.

But I wanted to write down my thoughts on the finale of Star Trek Enterprise.

I'd like to see a commentary on this episode. Because I find myself curious as to why they went the direction they did. I'm guessing, that they had just enough notice of the cancellation to make a final episode. That's why at the end of the second to last ep, they said it'd still take years to finalize the alliance. And they wanted to end the series with that alliance so they had to jump ahead a few years. Okay so why not just do it?

Why make it a holodeck simulation? And why that particular time? I think it'd make more sense to have done it where we last left off with the Trek Universe (remember the reboot hadn't happened yet). You would have saved on makeup for Troi and Riker to make them younger for one thing. They could be about to have the Romulan Empire and the Federation sign a big historic agreement or something. That would have made perfect sense to then observe via holodeck the formation of the Federation.

It must have been a specific choice to use that particular episode. And I just didn't quite get the connection I'm afraid. And why that kind of story? Helping Shran foil some interstellar mobsters? Sure I wanted to see Shran again but that wouldn't have been hard. Why not focus the entire episode on the fact that they were about to make history?

Because they wanted some action, they wanted the drama of killing off one of the characters, and they didn't have two hours like TNG, DS9 and VOY did?

All that aside, the writing on this episode was kinda good. Any idiosyncracies in performance, dialogue and such I put down to the fact that for the Enterprise crew, it's been six years since we last saw them. And the fact that anything in there is all at least second hand. That program was most likely based on news stories, personal logs and sensor logs and such. All that's gonna make things kinda garbled. They did a good job of that.

I'm sure there was something else I wanted to say, but can't think of it now.

ICreate Industries

I have begun blogging and reviewing for a company called ICreate Industries. It's a place started by some friends of mine. We're trying to get our name out there and the word onto the street. Basically we're a copying/duplication/designing biz. You got a movie you made or a cd to sell? Need lots of copies of it? We can do that. Want someone to design you a cover for same? We can do that. We can do the same for demos as well.

So please, check out ICreateindustries.com. I'm hoping eventually they'll be able to pay me. :)

Spade, Episode 3

Like the subject says, episode 3 of Spade is up!

Mmmmm, nostagia

My sister once called me the Nostalginator. While she was referring to the characters I like to play in online RPGs, that title really fits me I think.

Today I looked through an old yearbook that I made for college. Basically a photo album with college pictures and places for people to sign. And I realized two things. One, cursive is really hard to read. And also that I'd even managed to gloss over the stupid crap I did and said in college. Mostly.

Spade, Episode 2


John Johnson’s “SPADE”:

Episode 2

Just when you thought you were safe from making the tough choices in life, “SPADE” returns with an all new episode! Based on your votes at the end of the last installment, our ragtag group of wannabe heroes find themselves on the run as they try to figure out what their next move is. Meanwhile, Wesley’s new “tenant” starts to make things uncomfortable for Noelle, forcing Spade and his crew to discover that one of their own is not who he appears to be. And who is the mysterious figure currently on their trail? Director John Johnson brings you the next exciting episode of “Spade”, a new interactive web series where you – the viewer – get to decide what happens next. How will you choose?

Come see me in a new web series!

Woot! Come watch Spade, a choose your own adventure horror/action webseries!

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Have just created two new lj accounts...

One called fan_scripts is for scripts for fan films, re-casting scripts (you know, you take a script or transcript and replace the characters with those from another canon), or adaptations of books or comics or such as screenplays or teleplays. I've been writing some of these things for a bit just for the fun of it, and decided to put them online.

For the adaptations I will also be speculating as regards to the casting, and I'm very up for discussion on this front.

Also any critiques or tips from writers who actually know what they're doing are appreciated.

The other is omniverseproj. I have begun posting here, all my fan-fics that take place in the same big crossover universe that I've dubbed The Omniverse Project. Also there is a constantly shifting timeline of said universe.

Just thought I'd put it out that I've done this, see if anyone's interested in checking either one out. Hope all is well with you and yours. Cheers.

At work musings

I don't know when in Sesame Street it was established that Big Bird was eternally a six year old child, but I recently saw a 3rd season Muppet Show Episode with him on it. Miss Piggy tried to hit him, Gonzo hit on him, and his duet with the guest star was a love song and ended with him putting a collar around her neck and leading her around the stage.

The Spell Will Never Be Truly Broken
By Benji: The Vampire Confuser

Based on Godspell by David Greene and John-Michael Tebelak.

“Day by day, day by day.” She sang under her breath as she made her way through the brush to the rusted old fence looming ahead of her. “Oh dear Lord, three things I pray.”

32 years. It had been 32 years since that day. That one, unforgettable, incredible day. 32 years since she’d last stepped foot in New York City. So much had changed. The twin towers were gone now, the cab driver who she’d been disappointed to see was not the man she’d met before, told her that even four years later he still wasn’t used to not seeing them.
She’d danced on the roof of one of those towers, once upon a time. At least, she hoped she had.

The tour had commenced the following week. And she hadn’t been back since. Life first as a dancer, now as a teacher had taken her to all corners of the world. Far from here. And part of her had been glad. For she’d been afraid. Afraid of what she might find, or not find, if she returned.

Where were you? The others had asked. She’d merely smiled to herself, and told them she’d gone for a walk to unwind.

Her hand trembled as she grasped the old gate. It screeched in protest as she pulled it open. Taking a deep breath, she stepped into the yard.

Whatever she found, she would always be grateful to the mysterious men she’d met that day. Even if they were nothing but figments of her imagination.

In the grueling days of rehearsal, she’d begun to doubt. Not only her own talent, but if dancing was truly what she wanted to do with her life. But she’d returned from her unexpected pilgrimage full of new life, and inspiration. And the joy of her chosen profession reborn in her heart.

She gasped, tears coming to her eyes, her hand rising to her mouth. It was overgrown, the paint was chipped and faded. But it was real. The evidence stood before her, cracked and crumbling with age. But there was the car, repainted silver with rainbows. There was the sunburst on the garage door. And there was the door they’d used as a table. When they’d recreated the last supper.

How was it possible? Where had the others gone? Had that really been John the Baptist and Jesus? And in the end, did it really matter?

She’d never considered herself a religious woman. Not before, or since that day. But something had happened that day. Someone, or something had chosen to touch her that day. And she lifted her face to the sun, closing her eyes, and simply breathed. Wherever they were, she hoped the others knew what she knew. The joy of life. And that the spell cast over them that day was still there, in their hearts.

The End