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Carpe Noctem: Extraction Chapter 1

Part of the Omniverse Project

Based on Characters and situations created by Joss Whedon, J.J. Abrams, White Wolf Games, Marvel Comics, JK Rowling and Mike Mignola.
Author’s Note: This story takes place during the 4th season of Alias, between episodes 4 and 5. I said in the disclaimer for Interrogation that it took place between episodes 3 and 4. Obviously this cannot be as Weiss had not yet joined APO at that point. Oopsie. This crossover just keeps expanding, now few mutants have gotten involved. As well as concepts from the Tomorrow People, Harry Potter books and Werewolf: The Apocalypse.

Jack Calloway was lying on the sofa in the rec room when Bepa arrived that morning, one leg off the side, and his right arm slung over face, shading his eyes. For a moment she just looked on, amused. Finally she kicked his legs off the couch, waking him.

“Fuck off Malfoy.” He muttered, then actually woke up. “Eh?” He looked up at her grinning face. “Oh. It’s you.” he grumbled.

She flopped down into the space now vacated by his feet. “You always this cranky in the morning?”

“If you’d let me stay the entire night you might have found out.” He growled.

She sighed. “I hoped you of all people would’ve been okay with this.”

“Don’t get me wrong love,” he said in that Aussie/Cajun/Brit accent that at once amused and attracted her. “I’ve nothing wrong with one night stands. I just think both partners should know that’s what it is. Besides it was freezing out there. You could have at least let me get dressed first.”

She nodded in understanding. “All right, sorry about that. Both things. Didn’t mean to lead you on or nothing. Just that, once I get bouncy with a guy, there’s not a lot left I need to know about him.”

“Ah. So I should have played hard to get then.”

“Pssh, please. No such thing with guys.”

At that moment, the door opened and a young man entered. He held his motorcycle helmet under his arm and was brushing his fingers through his white hair to smooth it. Right from the first moment she’d met him, when her mother’s partner had `introduced` her to him, she’d thought he was quite sexy.

“Ms Derevko allow me to introduce our resident linguist and scholar. Vincente Natchios.” Sark had said. He’d had this mysterious smirk on his face when he’d said that, but her mom told her that was just Sark’s way.

Vincente for his part had not spoken to her, or even looked at her. But she still thought about trying to get through that wall.

Vincente, true to form, didn’t look at her, or speak to her, though he mumbled a hello to Jack.

Bepa took hold of one of the braids in Jack’s long black hair, the one with deer vertebrae in it, and pulled slightly.

“Ow, not in public darling.”

“What is up with him?” she whispered, as the white haired introvert sat down at a computer.

“What Vin? No idea love. Just really shy I guess.” Then he caught the way she was looking at the boy. “Please there’s no way.”

Bepa looked at him incredulously. “Excuse me?”

“I get to know a girl quite a bit from one toss as well chere. And you haven’t the patience to get someone that shy.”

“I’ve gotten shy boys before.” She stated confidently.

“That shy?”

“Well no.” But she kept looking, her gaze burning a hole into their team-mate’s back. “But I like a challenge.”

“Really now. In that case, care for a little wager?”


A burst of blue-black smoke and the smell of sulfur signaled the arrival of Kurt, their youngest operative. “Prepare to be served.” he crowed, snatching up a game controller, his three fingered hands serving as no handicap. Vincente grinned and with a thickly greek accented “We’ll see,” abandoned his research to take his blue furred challenger on.

Watching this, Bepa leaned in close to Jack. “Is he gay?”

“Absolutely not. You go to a school like mine and you pick up on the signs. Boy’s definitely batting for the Heteros.”

“Then you’re on. Name your stakes.”

“Another go.”

“What? All you gotta do is ask nice.”

“Ah, but this time, you’ve gotta let me be on top.”


“Like I said, I learned a few things from our brief time together.” Then he looked closely at her. “Unless that’s a problem.” He offered, noting a troubled look in her eyes. “Did something hap-“

“You’re on.” She said adamantly. “There won’t be a problem. Cause that boy is going down. So to speak.”


By the time Irina arrived, most of the team had arrived and were waiting in the briefing room. She smiled at Bepa, and pulled two letters from her pocket. “Kurt, Marie, I’ve heard from your mother, she asked me to give you these.”

Kurt, perched lightly on the back of his chair, eagerly reached for the letters and handed Marie hers. It had been more than month since their mother had been sent on a secret mission, and had been incommunicado.

“Where’s Martin?” Irina asked. “It’s not like him to be late.” She had her suspicions however, as their latest recruit was also absent. She hit a button on the phone on her desk. The phone rang only once when, with a flash of light, the two missing operatives appeared, looking slightly disheveled.

“Nice of you to join us Agent Skorse.” Irina said dryly.

“Sorry,” Martin apologized. “Amy and I were catching up, and uh, lost track of the time.”

“Catching up eh.” Jack grinned.

Marie rubbed her neck and cleared her throat meaningfully. Martin’s eyes widened, as did Amy’s when she saw the bruise starting to form on the boy’s neck.

“Nice going Amy.” He muttered, hunching down in his chair in a vain effort to avoid the amused stares of his compatriots.

“Hey I healed the black eye.” She shrugged.

Vincente’s eyes widened, and he shot Martin a look.

“She was a little annoyed with me.” He explained.

“Yeah well you disappeared for like, seven years without even a phone call or an e-mail.”

“You were hitting on Xander.”

“Martin!” Irina broke in.

“Yes ma’am.”

“If I could begin?”

“Sorry ma’am.”

“Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like you to meet Amy Madison, your newest team mate. Agent Madison is a witch.”

“Cheers.” Jack grinned, saluting her with his wand.

“Amy, allow me to introduce your comrades. Martin you evidently already know. You may also be acquainted with Mr. Osborne,” Dan nodded at her and she waved. Marci Ross is also from your neck of the woods, but you may not remember her. Kurt and Marie Darkholme.” Amy’s eyes widened in shock at the sight of the blue furred boy, who waved cheerily at her. The goth girl sitting beside him nodded, much like Dan had. A lock of white hair fell into her eyes and she brushed it back with a gloved hand. “You’ll meet Stephen Soong and April later. Lastly we have Vincente Natchios,” who refused to look at her. “Jack Calloway, and my daughter, Bepa Derevko.”

Amy’s eyes narrowed a bit when she looked at Irina’s daughter. She looked familiar for some reason. Had she seen her before? Before she could ponder further, Irina began the briefing.

At the touch of a button, a picture of a handsome young man with shoulder length brown hair appeared on the view screen behind Ms. Derevko.

“This is Connor Angel.” Irina began. “The son of the Vampires Angel, and Darla.”

“Vampire’s can’t have children.” Vincente said quietly. It sounded like it was a struggle to work up the nerve to speak. He was carefully not looking at his boss.

“No,” came the answer. “They can’t. It’s completely unprecedented, but so is intercourse between a Vampire with a soul, and a resurrected Vampire.”

“That’s interesting.” Dan said, an eyebrow quirking.

“Darla was staked by Angel in 1997. The law firm Wolfram and Hart resurrected her in 2000 as part of a plot to corrupt Angel. After she was re-sired, she and Angel conceived Connor. He’s a complete anomaly, and as such has been sought by many parties. Agent Darkholme approached him in 2002, but he declined our offer.

“Then in 2003 he contacted us. He was concerned about his father, who had accepted a position with Wolfram and Hart.”

Dan and Bepa nodded, both were aware of Angel’s decision. Though Bepa seemed confused.

“Mom wait,” she interrupted. “If this is true, why don’t I remember this kid? Wouldn’t I have met him when I went after Angelus?”

“You probably did.” Irina told her. “Connor offered to provide us with intel as to Angel’s and his employers’ activities. Then he vanished, almost literally without a trace.” A new picture of the boy appeared. “After two years we’ve finally located him, attending Stanford University.” Bepa still looked lost. “They erased his identity.”

“They what?!”

“Connor Angel is now Connor Reilly.”

“Mein Gott,” Kurt swallowed.

“The job was so thorough, that no one remembered that he even existed.”

“Not even his father?” Amy asked incredulously.


“Jesus.” Bepa swore. “So what’s this got to do with us?”

“We’ve learned that Mr. Angel/Reilly will be going on a school trip to Norway.”

“Norway?” Jack asked. “Why the hell-“

“We can ask him later. We’re going to get him out.”

“So this is an extraction mission?” Martin guessed.

“Correct. Martin, Vincente and Marci, I want you ready to leave in an hour to re-con the site. When we’ve heard from you, we’ll send the rest of the team in. Remember, Connor has no memory of his previous life, if you can get him without a struggle good. But do what you have to. Once we’ve got him, Mr. Sark is confident that Dr. Sevarious and his staff will be able to de-program him.”

“What happens then?” Amy wanted to know.

“That will be up to him. Could be he likes his new life, and if so he can go back to it. But we may need to put him witness protection.”

“But you’re hoping that he’ll join up.” Dan said.

“That’s correct. Martin, get your team ready. We’ll wait for your signal.”

Martin nodded. “Marci, Dan, let’s get our op-tech and go sight-seeing.”

To Be Continued...

From the Files of Carpe Noctem:

Name: Bepa Derevko
Call Sign: Prodigal

Supernatural Expertise: Vampires
Training: Slayer training with the Watcher's council.
Special Abilities: As the Slayer, Bepa posseses strength, speed, agility and fortitude that far surpass that of normal humans.

History: Bepa was placed as an agent of Carpe Noctem into Slayer training by her mother Irina Derevko under the name Faith LeHay. When her watcher was killed she was sent to Sunnydale to continue her mission. After a brief return to a previous Carpe Noctem base, disguised as a prison facility, the machinations of the First required she be sent out into the feild again. While aiding the Slayer, Buffy and her allies she passed valuable information to Carpe Noctem. While on a mission to Brussels, she was compromised and extracted.


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