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Carpe Noctem: Extraction Chapter 2

Part of the Omniverse Project

Continuity Correction. Interrogations took place immediately after the Alias episode “The Awful Truth”. This story takes place immediately following Interrogations, placing it just before the Alias episode “Ice”. Don't forget to check out the bonus feature at the end of the chapters for info on Carpe Noctem's agents. And now on with our story.

Chapter 1


Eric Weiss’ hand shot out from under the blanket and slapped the snooze button on his alarm. He was just about to fall back asleep when his cell phone rang.

“I hate you.” He muttered into the phone.

“Good morning to you too.” Vaughn said. “Just wanted to make sure you got up.”

“You know me well.”

Two minutes later and he was in the shower, rinsing off the travel dust and jet-lag. His and Vaughn’s flight had gotten in at 1:00 am. Then he’d spent two hours finishing up his share of the report on their investigation. A quick cup of coffee while his bagel toasted and he flipped on the news. More of the same. The world coming apart at the seams, and it was his job to sew it back together.

He’d barely had time to get used to his new job as a black ops agent before Sloan had sent him and Vaughn to DC to continue their investigation into the Watchers. And there was a creepy group. Bunch of old men who’d trained girls from birth practically to be assassins because they believed the world was populated by Vampires.

“You don’t really think it was Vampires do you?” Weiss had asked Vaughn after hearing of the incident at the DC nightclub.

“They weren’t giving off any body heat, Syd had puncture wounds on her neck, and their faces…”

“That doesn’t mean anything.” Weiss insisted. “There’s all sorts of ways to keep from giving off body heat. And the face thing, so they had a really good make-up guy.”

Vaughn shrugged. “I don’t know one way or the other. But remember how unbelievable Rambaldi’s inventions seemed until we saw them for ourselves?”

“Okay point taken, but Vampires?”

“You’re awfully skeptical for a descendant of Harry Houdini.”

“Hey Houdini did illusions okay? And what a lot of people don’t know is that he was the biggest skeptic of them all. He made it like, his mission to discredit mediums.”

His musings were interrupted by his doorbell ringing, and immediately thereafter, the front door opened.

“I’m up Syd!” Weiss called.

“I’ll be sure to let her know.” Nadia grinned. “She sent me over to check up on you.”

“No one has any faith in me.” He sighed. His bagel popped out of the toaster and he offered her half.

“No thanks.” She smiled. “I already ate.”


Nadia, Sydney and Weiss arrived at APO headquarters together that morning. Vaughn was already there. He and Sydney kissed, and headed into the briefing room. Nadia watched, happy for her sister.

Her sister. How strange it was to feel so close to this woman who she’d never even met until a few months ago. To learn not only the identity of her mother and father, but to learn that she had a sister had been, well, almost overwhelming. Toss in a terrorist plot involving her father and an Indiana Jones like search for a lost artifact, and you had yourself one hell of a half year.

And that had only been half of it. She’d tentatively joined the APO in January, and almost immediately got tossed into an investigation into a secret society that hunted Demons. Thank God her first official mission with APO had just involved a stolen computer. And of course, the man who’d murdered her mother.

Then of course, meeting Weiss had been a nice side bonus to all the craziness.

“Good morning.” Her father greeted, as she filled in the final seat at the briefing table. Though one was still vacant. Jack Bristow had left for DC almost immediately after they’d recovered the Valta. He was still investigating the Watchers.


“Vampires are real.” Jack said without preamble. He’d made the call the night before, following his interview with William the Bloody, a.k.a. Spike.

“I know.” Sloane said simply.

Jack clenched his jaw. “Of course you do.”

“Don’t be like that Jack. You know the protocol as well as I do. Information on the paranormal and the occult is on a strictly need to know basis. Even the Alliance agreed about that.”

“How long have you known?”

“Not quite as long as I’ve known about Rambaldi.”

“Fine.” Jack sighed. There wasn’t time to berate his old “friend” for not sharing information. After all, he himself was keeping the existence of the D.P.R.D. a secret from everyone, even Sloane, though he suspected Arvin already knew about them as well. “We need to tell the others.”

“Do I need to remind you again about protocol Jack?”

“You don’t think they need to know? Sydney was almost killed in D.C. because they were unprepared for what they were facing.”

“They already suspect that Vampires are real Jack. Marshall’s been obsessing over Bela Lugosi Movies ever since. They’ll be prepared.”

“Yo Spook!” a deep gravelly voice called from Jack’s end of the line. “You comin’?”

“What’s going on there Jack?”

“Just transporting a prisoner. I’ll report again soon. I’m almost done here. We’ll discuss the protocol when I get back.”


Sydney, Dixon and Marshall immediately recognized the face on the view screen. Though Sydney and Dixon had not known him very well, he and Marshall had been fairly good friends.

“James Belcher.” Sloan said for those who’d not known him. “Former SD6 sleeper agent. Like many at SD6 he was deceived into believing he was working for the CIA.” He ignored the dirty looks shot his way. Everyone knew it had been Sloane who had fabricated that lie. “He was recruited just out of high school and underwent extensive hypnosis to become one of SD6’s best sleeper agents.

“Before you start in on me, know that Mr. Belcher volunteered for the program.”

“What?” Vaughn said incredulously. “Why would-“

“He wanted to be James Bond.” Sloane shrugged. “His sense of adventure outweighed his concerns. Due to his interest in the occult he was used mainly to seek out Rambaldi artifacts. He was the agent who infiltrated the Watchers.”

“You’ve recruited him again haven’t you.” Sydney guessed.

“No. Given our history I doubt he’d give me the time of day let alone agree to work for me again. However due to our recent encounter with possible paranormal entities, it has been suggested that his expertise may prove invaluable.”

“Not to mention he may be able to provide intel on the watchers.” Dixon added.

Nadia looked at the picture, taken by the CIA just after shutting down SD6. The young man had been only 22 at the time. After working for SD6 for almost five years. She glanced at Sydney. “What happened to him?”

“He didn’t take the news that he’d been working for terrorists well.” Vaughn said. “Most of SD6’s employees opted to join the CIA. He didn’t. He asked to undergo intense hypnotherapy to repress all memories of his actions as a spy.”

“Went back to his civilian life as if he’d never left.” Weiss finished. “He was pretty upset about what happened.”

“Sydney, Dixon, Marshall,” Sloane said. “I want you to contact James. Try to convince him to help.”

“You can’t seriously think he’d agree, even if he believes us.” Sydney said.

“Maybe not but there is another reason for bringing him back into the fold.” Arvin hit another button and another picture appeared.

“Oh.” Marshall said, cringing. “Her.”

“Sylvia Hawkins.” Sloan introduced. “James’ handler. She knew exactly who she was working for. Unfortunately she developed a fixation with Mr. Belcher.”

“That’s putting it mildly.” Marshall muttered. “She was like, totally nuts. She had him under surveillance at all times. We’re talking Fatal Attraction type stuff here.”

“After her incarceration by the CIA she was checked into a maximum security mental institution.” Weiss said. “Arkham I think.”

“Correct. Unfortunately she is no longer there.”

“Don’t tell me.” Sydney said, her eyes wide. “She was one of the ones who escaped.”

Sloane nodded. Two months ago terrorists attempted to recruit the inmates of Arkham Asylum, staging a raid on the hospital and several of the patients escaped. Most were quickly recaptured under mysterious circumstances, but a few had slipped through the cracks. Apparently, Ms. Hawkins was one of them.

“Most recent intel has her involved with an Cult called the Children of Dagon.” Sloane said. “It’s likely she’ll attempt to contact Mr. Belcher. Due to her instability, it would be best if he at least have his memories, and his skills fully intact, just in case she does. Recruit him if you can. But mostly, warn him. Try to prepare him. James is my responsibility but I can’t go myself.”

Sydney frowned, but nodded. “All right.”


“Knock knock!” Martin called out, banging on the door frame with his fist. “April stop the lap dance and let Danni get back to work.”

Amy shot him a look. “What?” While she wasn’t accompanying the recon team, she’d come down to the lab so she could meet the last two members of the team.

“It’s a joke!” said a very pretty brunette as she emerged from behind a cabinet. “Martin teases Danni as part of their male bonding. Danni won’t make use of my sexy programming.”

Amy blinked. “What?”

“Amy,” Martin said, as a young Asian man emerged from a dark room. “Meet April, and her bestest friend in the whole world, Daniel Soong.”

“Hi.” Amy said, uncertainly.

“Hi!” April smiled, holding out her hand to shake. “I’m a robot.”

“I, thought that might be it.” Amy said. She was a little taken aback by this.

“Oh I’m sorry.” April said. “I’m being too forward and freaking you out?”

Martin looked at Daniel, his brow raised.

“We’re working on her recognition of body language and causes.” Daniel explained.

“I’m sure I’ll get over it.” Amy said.

“So,” Martin said. “What’ve you got for us today Danni?”

“Well,” Daniel said, walking to the work table nearby. “I got your usual recon toys, but I’ve also been tinkering.” He picked up a pair of binoculars. “Electronic binoculars. The usual features, except that it’s got better resolution on the close ups. To help ID Connor it’ll take pictures, and sort through ID’s right there. No waiting for a connection to me and my rocking computer.”

“His computer doesn’t literally rock.” April explained. “He means it as a metaphor, that his computer is really good.”

“Yeah we got that.” Marci rolled her eyes.

“April, do you have the comms?” Daniel asked.

“Of course!” April flounced over to another work table and picked up three devices that looked like wireless attachments for cell phones. “They have a translator in them so you’ll understand what everyone’s saying.” She smiled.

“Oh good.” Martin said. “That mission in Brussels was a headache and a half.”

“Maybe if you’d actually been studying languages instead of your conspiracy theories.” Vincente said quietly.

“Says the guy who spends more time playing Halo than translating runes?”

“I can do both at the same time.”

“Vincente’s very smart.” April beamed as she handed him his comm. He refused to look at her and took the comm as if her hand might burn him. “But he’s very shy.” She whispered to Amy.

“I noticed.” Amy nodded. She started as a gun was cocked behind her. She whirled, to find Marci checking the clip in a firearm.

“Not all of us can shoot fireballs.” She said, off of Amy’s shocked look.

“But I thought this was a recon mission.”

Marci shrugged. “Yeah, but what we plan on and what winds up happening won’t necessarily be similar.”

“Are we set?” Martin asked, slipping his comm into his ear.
Marci did so as well, likewise, Vincente. After holstering her gun, Marci nodded. “Okay. We’ll be in touch.” Martin said, kissing Amy, then putting a hand each on Marci’s, and Vincente’s shoulders, and they vanished.
“Martin can teleport.” April explained.
“She knows April.” Daniel said.

To Be Continued…

Bonus Material!

From the Personnel Files of Carpe Noctem:

Names: Daniel Soong, and April
Code Names: Prometheus and Golem

Daniel Soong was born in Seattle Washington, and graduated from MIT at age 16. He received a masters in Electronic Engineering and Behavioral Science at 20.

April was created by Warren Meers as a girlfriend, and abandoned by him when he grew tired of her. Her battery ran down in Sunnydale Park, where she was found by Daniel, traveling from Seattle to L.A. for a vacation.

She was re-charged, and slightly re-programmed by Daniel to have free will, but with a conscience. (He claims he used a combination of philosophies including the Wiccan Rede of Harm None, and the Golden Rule, as well as Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Muslim influences. April claims that he also encouraged her to watch every episode of Star Trek. All series.

They were rescued from agents of Wolfram and Hart by Sark and Mystique, and recruited into Carpe Noctem as the Op-Tech support team. Daniel is currently pursuing doctorates in Computer Technology and Psychology.