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Carpe Noctem: Extraction Chapter 3

As before, I don't own any of these characters. Most of them (in this chapter) in fact are characters created by other players of the same Vampire The Masquerade LARP that I played.

Part of the Omniverse Project

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 3

New York City. Dorian sighed heavily. Not her favorite city. Not for a long time. Not since she and Sangria had had that little, falling out. She clawed nervously at the steering wheel as the car crossed the bridge. She was taking a huge chance coming here. Two years had passed, but Vampires were not exactly known for forgiving and forgetting. But she had little other choice.


When she’d finally been allowed to go to the smaller ballroom at the club, Spike had been gone. At first she’d feared that he’d been staked. From the sound of things the Slayer had showed up, and started some trouble with the Soulless. But Anna Nevermore, prince of DC had shown up, none to pleased with the situation. Dorian had almost made a decent scapegoat.

“It was the Slayer.” Claimed the one remaining bouncer. All the rest had apparently been staked or run off during the fight.

“Actually,” said the Malkavian with the tall boots. “That’d be A Slayer now. There’s more than one.”

“Fine whatever.”

“Explain to me,” said Anna Nevermore, entering the office of the club’s manager. “Exactly what happened.”

Anna Nevermore, prince of DC. She was a Malkavian, but none too fond of her own clan. No one was quite sure why, but the leading theory was the prevalence of “fluffy Malks” in the family. Fluffy Malks was a buzz word used to describe members of the clan that were clownish, and silly. Ones who used their insanity as an excuse to be obnoxious.

She handed her top hat and cane to the manager of the club, a ghoul in her service, and sat down in a chair across from the bouncer. Katrina Muse, the Domain’s Harpy, and her fellow Toreador, Gabriel Sefirot Anna’s Scourge took places behind her, while the seneschal sat down on a couch to her right.

The town’s sheriff, Victor Shultz, a Tremere, stood behind the bouncer. Dorian sat by the minibar.

“Okay,” the Vampire in question said nervously. He didn’t know the exact nature of his employers, but he knew there was a hell of a lot of mojo in the room right now, and he was on the hotseat. “The night was going the same as always right? Plenty of bloodbags-, er, Mortals, having a good time. The band was going strong, I mean, hey, I’m not a big fan of Mortal Music, but that Voltaire-“ He noticed the prince’s glare. “Okay so uhm, there was some feeding going on-“

“In MY club?” Anna said. “This better not have been the usual.” Feeding in such a public place had the potential to be a major masquerade breach.

“Shit. Uhm, no, no. There’s usually nothing going on. One of our bouncers, he called in sick-“

“Vampires don’t get sick.” Shultz said suspiciously.

“We keep three mortal bouncers on the payroll.” The manager said. “I figured, too many Vampires in one place at one time-“

“Got it.” Anna said. “Who called in sick, and who filled in for him? Find out.”

“On it.” The manager said, and got on the phone.

“Continue.” Anna ordered.

“Right so, anyway, I sent some guys to break up the feeding. Only when they got there, it’d already been taken care of. Two people, uhm, one was a Slayer I think. She fought like one. The other was a Vampire. I didn’t recognize him, but one of our newer guys did.”

“And attacked?”

“Yeah. Billy was kind of a hot head.”

“Hold the phone.” Sefirot said. “A Vampire. One of your kind stopped a feeding?”

“Uhm, yeah, I thought that was weird too. But I’ve heard rumors about-“

“Angel.” Muse said quietly. “But he’s dead.”

Shultz nodded. “Vampire with a soul. Made quite a name for himself fighting the good fight. He fought an army of Demons, and in accordance with prophecy, became human.”

“Quite a story.” Gabriel said.

“Yeah, it’s epic.” Victor agreed with a grin. “I would have liked to meet him, but he became human while mortally wounded. He was buried in a Los Angeles cemetery.” He turned to look at Dorian with a smirk. “But he’s not the only Vampire with a soul is he?”

All eyes turned to her.

She swallowed hard. “His name is William. Long story short, he got his soul back too.”

“We’ll deal with that in a moment.” Anna said. “Get back to the main story.”

“Right, okay, uhm, where was I?”

“The start of the fight.”

“Yeah okay. Lot of confusion, like you’d expect. Most headed for the exits. But, a few didn’t. The Slayer, and the Vampire started fighting the bouncers.”

“To be expected.”

“Yeah right, then there was, well the Vamp got into a fight with some Hispanic woman. Looked like she knew what she was doing. Fighting wise I mean. There were two more her age that were moving towards the fight, not away. Hell, one of ‘em, another woman got into it with one of the Vamps, not one of the bouncers though. I lost sight of them in the crowd. I was uh, distracted by the witch and the Werewolf.”

Everyone in the room swore. In several different languages.

“A Werewolf. Just wonderful, that’s all we need, trouble with the Lupines.” The seneschal said.

Anna was rubbing the bridge of her nose. “How did it end?”

“The club emptied, and the fighters got out. I didn’t see where the Slayer, Witch or Werewolf went, I think it ended mostly cause there weren’t anymore Vampires to stake. Hero Vamp got himself shot about, like nine times, and loaded into a coroner’s van. The fighters went home.”

“Shot? Shot by who?”

His eyes widened with shock. “By the replacement bouncer.”

“Got it.” The manager said, standing by a printer.

“You have impeccable timing as usual.” Anna smiled. She looked at the printouts. “Find out who this man is,” she said, pointing to the replacement bouncer. “Gabe, take our guest Dorian and retrieve her boyfriend from the morgue before a bad situation gets worse.” She turned to Dorian. “Then you and William get out of my city, and don’t EVER come back.” Dorian didn’t even bother asking how she knew who William was or the nature of their relationship.

In the trip to the morgue, Gabriel got chatty. “You’re dating, a Soulless?”

Dorian sighed. “It’s not something either of us were planning on.”

Gabe smiled. “Love never is.” He grinned at the expression on her face. “I’m a Toreador. We know love when we see it, and every time we mention William you get, well I know it when I see it. Just can’t describe it.”

“So what happens now?”

“We get your boyfriend, make sure anyone who might have seen him rise from the dead doesn’t remember it, and then you’ll be on your way. And I DO suggest you do as Anna says. Your Will may have instigated a troublesome masquerade breach. Anna must be in a good mood. Normally you’d both be dust by morning for something like that.”

Unfortunately, the coroner’s van had never arrived. Not with William.

“Could he have woken up in transit?” Dorian wondered.

“Could have, but he’d have busted out wouldn’t he? There’s no sign of that. He’s not one for covering his tracks is he?”

“No, not really. He’s not Mr. Subtlety.”

Gabriel got on the phone to Nevermore. Then his brow furrowed. “Well shit.”

“What’s wrong?”

Gabriel looked at her. “Our substitute bouncer is one Marcus Dixon. He’s a former agent for the CIA.”

* * * *

“There’s only one Archon I know of who has the connections we need.” Anna said, pacing. “Unfortunately he’s none too fond of me.” She sighed in exasperation. “So we’ve got a former CIA agent posing as a bouncer, shooting a vampire and loading him into a coroner’s van, that never arrives.”

“This might not actually lead back to us.” Gabriel said. “He’s a lesser Vampire. Not one of the Kindred.”

“He knows about us, which is bad enough. We can’t let, whoever has him keep him. Or keep their memories of him. They either need their memories erased or they have to die.”

“I would suggest memory erasing.” Victor said. “This has too much high profile potential for a disappearance.”

“Agreed. So, how do we contact Shane? He’s not exactly taking my calls these nights.”

“We’d have to send a messenger then.” Muse suggested. “Someone expendable.”

Anna pulled the stake from Dorian’s heart. “You’re going to New York.”

To Be Continued…
Bonus Material: From the Personnel Files of Carpe Noctem
Name: “Black” Jack Calloway
Call Sign: Hawkins

Supernatural Expertise: Magic (Combat, Infiltration)
Training: Four years at Marie Leveau’s Voodoo Academy, Graduate of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (House Slytherin)
Special Skills: Jack has had independent training in using magic for pick pocketing and beating security systems

History: Jack was born in international waters, the son of a long line of sailors and magic users. His family moved often, settling longest in New Orleans, Australia, and England. He graduated from Hogwarts in 1998, and attended University in Ireland where he majored in Maritime History, and minored in Occult Studies. Later he settled in New Orleans where he helped refugees from England during the brief reign of the dark wizard Voldemort. His recruitment of members into the U.S. Order of the Phoenix gained him the attention of Carpe Noctem recruiters. Upon Voldemort's defeat, he consented to join the team.