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The Key, The Door, and the Slayer

The Key, The Door, and the Slayer
By Benji: The Vampire Confuser

Feedback, Mr. Vandemar. The process by which fan-fic authors know whether their illicit writings are appreciated.

Based on Characters and situations created by Joss Whedon and Neil Gaiman.

Summary: Combining the Fifth Season of Buffy, with the world of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere.


The world we know, the world of science, pop-stars, internet porn, and reality TV, is barely the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the surface lies another world. A world of Vampires, Demons, and other things that go bump in the night.

Inhuman monsters prey on the unwary. All the while the world at large refuses to acknowledge their existence. There are those however, that fate has chosen to battle these forces, to stem the tide of darkness. The Slayer for instance. One girl in all the world gifted with the power to defeat evil. When one slayer falls, another is called.

But there is yet another world, that those who live in the above mentioned, have no knowledge of. It is known as the world below, but it is all around us. It’s citizens live in tunnels beneath our feet, or on the rooftops. They pass on un-noticed until they draw attention to themselves, and then are quickly forgotten. Some are born to this world. Others fall between the cracks of reality, and not even their nearest and dearest remember they ever existed.

Such a one, is Richard Mayhew. Only a few days ago he was living a normal life in London. Good job, decent flat, even a lovely, successful fiancée. That all ended the night he met Door. She nearly literally fell in his lap, bloodied, exhausted, and pursued by assassins.

Helping her cost him first his fiancée, then his entire life. Accompanying Door to the lair of Islington, they beseeched the Angel’s aid, in restoring Richard to his life, and Door’s investigation into her family’s death. To help them, Islington told them they must seek out the Black friars, the keepers of the Key to All Realities.

So it was that Door, Richard, and Hunter, Door’s bodyguard came seeking the monks who guarded the relic. What they found was not what they expected.

“Somehow I don’t think it’s supposed to look like this.” Richard said, as they approached the monastery. One of the huge wooden doors was lying in the entrance way, broken nearly in half, the other hung on one hinge.

Hunter crouched by the bodies of two friars lying mangled just before the entrance. “They were barely able to put up a fight.” She said. “Whatever did this was extremely strong.” She studied the ground. “She came strait in, didn’t even break stride to kill them.”

“She?” Door asked.

Hunter nodded. “These tracks were made by six inch stiletto heels.”

“Could have been a transvestite.” Richard said, trying to alleviate his anxiety at this ominous turn of events.

“No,” she replied. “The weight is wrong for a man.”


Door approached the ruined doorway with trepidation, but Hunter stopped her. “Let me go first.”

Slowly, the warrior entered the monastery, sniffing the air, and listening hard. There was no sound within, and the stench of death and fear emanated from the heart of the structure.

They found body after body, all dead. Finally they came to a central chamber where once more Hunter’s skills provided a picture of what had happened.

“If she came for the key, she did not find it.” She observed. “These monks were sitting in a circle when she came.” Now they lay scattered about the room. “She threw them, some after they were dead. She was angry.”

“So they key’s gone.” Richard guessed.

“Yes. Somehow the Friars were able to hide it from her.”

Door held her face in her hands for a moment. They’d been so close. “Now what? Where could they have hidden it?”


“What are you doing in here?” Buffy demanded. The young brunette spun, surprised, looking chastened.

“Buffy!” her mother called from downstairs. “If you’re going out, take your sister with you!”

“Mom!” Buffy and Dawn protested simultaneously.

To be continued…