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Have just created two new lj accounts...

One called fan_scripts is for scripts for fan films, re-casting scripts (you know, you take a script or transcript and replace the characters with those from another canon), or adaptations of books or comics or such as screenplays or teleplays. I've been writing some of these things for a bit just for the fun of it, and decided to put them online.

For the adaptations I will also be speculating as regards to the casting, and I'm very up for discussion on this front.

Also any critiques or tips from writers who actually know what they're doing are appreciated.

The other is omniverseproj. I have begun posting here, all my fan-fics that take place in the same big crossover universe that I've dubbed The Omniverse Project. Also there is a constantly shifting timeline of said universe.

Just thought I'd put it out that I've done this, see if anyone's interested in checking either one out. Hope all is well with you and yours. Cheers.