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Come see me in a new web series!

Woot! Come watch Spade, a choose your own adventure horror/action webseries!

I am in a supernatural action adventure, choose your own adventure web series called Spade! Check it out at the link below. Yes, I said choose your own adventure.


“Choose Your Own Adventure” – made popular in the 1980s, many people remember this series of books by the fact that the reader was given the ability to decide what fate befell the main character of each story simply by choosing what page to turn to next.

Three decades later, John Johnson, director of such films as Skeleton Key (not the one with Kate Hudson), The Dark Tower, and of course the upcoming remake Plan 9, is taking this concept to the next level with a new web series where YOU get to decide what happens next. Titled “SPADE”, each episode chronicles the life and adventures (or lack thereof) of a man you’ve never heard of who once saved the entire world – Jack Spade.
Fifteen years ago, Spade was prophesied to defeat the forces of darkness. Killing the Devil himself, Spade succeeded and became a hero. Despite his noble efforts, Jack was quickly abandoned by the same institution that had delivered the prophecy – the Masonic Church of Rome. Deeming him as no longer necessary, the Church of Rome turned their back on Jack and he was left to fend for himself.

Fifteen years later, Spade is barely a shadow of the man he once was. Disillusioned with his now typical life as a construction worker, Jack struggles to make it from day to day as he continues to let himself go in body as well as in mind… his only source of comfort coming from the bottom of a bottle. Despite his current demeanor, his wife Leena continues to show her support for the man she loves. Crossing his path all those years ago while Jack was fulfilling his destiny, Leena would end up helping Spade destroy the Prince of Darkness, falling in love with Spade in the process. Now she does everything she can just to help him survive his own self-destructive nature. Will her efforts be enough to pull him from the brink when a familiar benefactor returns to make one last house call?
“SPADE” is now live on YouTube and available to watch at the link above. It combines director John Johnson’s dynamic storytelling and quick-fire dialogue with a unique experience for the viewer that allows them to determine the outcome of each episode’s events. This is made possible thanks to modern updates in online video sharing technology, giving the viewer the ability to select the outcome they prefer simply by clicking the cursor on the highlighted option. Then, every two weeks, John Johnson and Darkstone Entertainment will bring you the next ten minute episode based on which choice received the most votes, creating a completely interactive and enjoyable viewing experience.
How will you choose…?

Watch each episode and vote for what you want to see happen next. After each episode airs you have 72 hours to vote on how you want the story to unfold. To begin from the beginning scroll to the bottom of the web site and watch from the start. The newest episode will be posted at the top of the page every other Thursday for the rest of 2010! So watch and don't forget to vote!

“I know a lot of us are waiting for PLAN 9 to hit the market and I am impatiently waiting production set for this spring. So I thought I would take this time to challenge myself as a filmmaker and see what Horror audiences truly want to see out of films these days. With absolutely NO BUDGET and use of YouTube friendly music I am armed with the materials to create a show that can only happen now in this age. With clickable buttons on the screen and this whole internet thing we have the opportunity to do something kinda amazing. I hope you guys like it and I am excited to see what the people really want out of a movie. I, as most feel pretty lost in the mainstream film market. With plot, cast, and effects that are only made to sell tickets and not to really tell a story with a fun ride for the audience, I hope we can do something to bring the fight back to those who love movies and not the dollar signs. So give it a go, and see if SPADE is something for you.” - John Johnson