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These Are the Voyages...

It's been a long road time since I've posted in here. I'm afraid to look to see just how long.

But I wanted to write down my thoughts on the finale of Star Trek Enterprise.

I'd like to see a commentary on this episode. Because I find myself curious as to why they went the direction they did. I'm guessing, that they had just enough notice of the cancellation to make a final episode. That's why at the end of the second to last ep, they said it'd still take years to finalize the alliance. And they wanted to end the series with that alliance so they had to jump ahead a few years. Okay so why not just do it?

Why make it a holodeck simulation? And why that particular time? I think it'd make more sense to have done it where we last left off with the Trek Universe (remember the reboot hadn't happened yet). You would have saved on makeup for Troi and Riker to make them younger for one thing. They could be about to have the Romulan Empire and the Federation sign a big historic agreement or something. That would have made perfect sense to then observe via holodeck the formation of the Federation.

It must have been a specific choice to use that particular episode. And I just didn't quite get the connection I'm afraid. And why that kind of story? Helping Shran foil some interstellar mobsters? Sure I wanted to see Shran again but that wouldn't have been hard. Why not focus the entire episode on the fact that they were about to make history?

Because they wanted some action, they wanted the drama of killing off one of the characters, and they didn't have two hours like TNG, DS9 and VOY did?

All that aside, the writing on this episode was kinda good. Any idiosyncracies in performance, dialogue and such I put down to the fact that for the Enterprise crew, it's been six years since we last saw them. And the fact that anything in there is all at least second hand. That program was most likely based on news stories, personal logs and sensor logs and such. All that's gonna make things kinda garbled. They did a good job of that.

I'm sure there was something else I wanted to say, but can't think of it now.